[Design] [cosmo][Bug 8130] Making an all day event no longer all day makes it an any-time event

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 26 10:47:41 PDT 2007

> On the desktop side when you create a new event in the all-day area it
> defaults to an anytime event so people discover this feature. Are we
> doing the same thing in Cosmo?

+1 to making this consistent between Chandler and Cosmo.  A bonus of
making this change on the Chandler side was that we found half a dozen
anytime bugs, apparently the anytime code wasn't being very heavily
exercised until I made it default.

Perhaps, post-preview, we should have some slightly more formal process
for making sure changes to defaults like this happen to both Cosmo and

> When I demo'd Chandler for a couple of friends a while back, they
> thought the anytime event feature was pretty good. Personally, I use
> these all the time and rarely use all day events. I realized that when I
> used iCal, I was creating all day events for this purpose really.

I'll echo this.  In fact, for the dozen or so people who I've demoed
Chandler to, anytime events (when explained as "like all day but they
don't take up busy time in the minicalendar") was hands down the most
enthusiastically supported feature (not that people didn't like
collections, sharing, and triage, I think people just had a harder time
wrapping their heads around the possibilities).

Anytime events for most cases where people currently use all day is
certainly a modest evolution beyond existing calendar apps, but my
anecdotal experience suggests people quickly grasp anytime, and it
apparently works well as the default for most people.


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