[Design] Alternate sidebar designs for icons and the overlay state

Bryan Stearns stearns at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 18 12:50:58 PDT 2006

Of the three as they are, I prefer the first alternative (separate dot, 
no grey dot when unselected for overlay), but only because the rollover 
behavior in the default implementation is so jarring: it seems to 
signify something completely separate from the tag it replaces; if the 
rollover were a slighter modification to the tag icon that's there, I'd 
understand that clicking there wasn't going to somehow change the basic 
nature of the thing represented by the icon.

So my real vote is: make the mouseover state better, don't use more 
space for another widget.

John Anderson wrote:
> Hi:
> We're trying to evaluate some alternate sidebar designs for icons and 
> the overlay state. You could help us out by giving us your opinion on 
> the alternatives, or by suggesting better alternatives.
> To see the different alternatives, check out the latest Chandler, 
> start with a fresh repository, add a bunch of collections, explore 
> overlaying and displaying them, noting the mouse hover state, the 
> icons, and the disabled state when viewing only the all collection.
> Next, checkout the first alternative design by choosing 
> Test>Skins>CPIA Test. It uses a separate control for the overlay state.
> There is an unfortunate bug that recently popped up in CPIA Test, 
> where the menus disappear, so, for now, quit and restart to get the 
> menus back. Finally, choose the second alternative by choosing 
> Test>Skins>CPIA Test2. It's the same as the first alternative, except 
> that it displays an off state, instead of displaying nothing, for the 
> non-overlayed state.
> Let us know which you prefer, or if you've got some other ideas you'd 
> like to see, since it's reasonably easy to try alternatives.
> John
> P.S. There are a few other bugs that you might encounter, but we 
> thought it was better to try to get feedback on which design people 
> preferred before we fixed every last bug.
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