[Design] Stikkit

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Thu Nov 9 10:50:47 PST 2006


Fresh from Web 2.0, a new (to me at least) entry in the online "keep my 
stuff organize" world:

The way they mix together events and tasks won't be unfamiliar to 
readers of this list. The grammar parsing (turning a note into an event 
or task or both) will remind you of Chandler's quick entry widget (new 
in alpha5, courtesy of Darshana and Bear). Being the heart of their 
system, it's much powerful though not without oddities (there's still a 
grammar to learn, NLP it's not...).

Drawback? Sharing and collaboration seems to be extremely limited (can't 
share a whole calendar but you can collaborate on independent items). 
Also, it's not Open Source at all as far as I can tell (I think they 
would say so high and clear if it was...).

I first read about it there:

- Philippe

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