[Design] [D/f] Feedback on Delete key behavior

Reid Ellis rae at osafoundation.org
Mon Jun 26 09:48:02 PDT 2006

On Jun 25, 2006, at 15:55, Davor Cubranic wrote:
> Sheila Mooney wrote:
>> I have been using Chandler daily for a while now. I seem to end up  
>> deleting events quite regularly, particularly because I have  
>> created them on the wrong calendar. I drag the event to a  
>> different calendar and go back and delete the incorrect one. I  
>> always use the Delete key for this which actually removes all  
>> instances of this event and puts them in the Trash. Perhaps, I am  
>> just used to iTunes but I wish the Delete key simply removed the  
>> event from the current collection since this is what I intended on  
>> doing.
> This is something that I occasionally run in with Ecco, which is an  
> old PIM using a similar concept of a repository of items that can  
> belong to multiple collections, so I thought I'd bring up issues  
> this feature could introduce.
> Ecco has two different "delete" actions: remove an item from the  
> current collection (DEL) and delete the item completely (Ctrl-D),  
> so its Delete key works similarly to what Sheila proposes that  
> Chandler do. But this means that you can have orphan items: items  
> that don't belong to any collections and are therefore never shown  
> in views other than when they match an explicit search on their  
> text. Orphans are kind of annoying and take up space in the  
> repository, so somebody wrote a command-line tool to check the  
> repository for orphans. It is not an ideal solution, so maybe a  
> better option for Chandler would be to put up an alert that the  
> item is about to become an orphan, with options to "Move to Trash"  
> and "Cancel".
> Davor

Since we have an 'All' collection I would suggest that Del removes  
the item from the current collection, unless the current collection  
is the 'All' collection, in which case the item is actually deleted  
with an optional (can turn off in prefs) warning (Undo would fix any  
problem with accidentally deleted items if the warning is off).


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