[Design] [D/F] Target user interview: Executive Assistant

Priscilla Chung priscilla at osafoundation.org
Wed Jun 21 15:25:36 PDT 2006

This is another effort to reach out into the ‘real world’ to meet and  
have a better understanding of our target users. For more details on  
the 1.0 target users: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Journal/ 

As a reminder the tenets of the interview is meant to support:
+ Dogfood Calendaring
+ Plausible Dashboard

And eventually feed into a broader discussion for product strategy  
for Chandler 1.0. There will be more 'real world' interviews to come.

The following are notes and highlights from an Executive Assistant  
who manages four calendars, four address books, four contact lists  
and one personal task list at a boutique (mid-size) consulting firm  
in San Francisco. For more details on the interview: http:// 

    + Executive assistant to the office head of a boutique consulting  
firm. Approximately ~250 employees in the local offices, ~4000  
employees in the global offices.
    + Deals with global offices. Mainly meeting and planning for her  
boss (Apex target user).
    + Uses in Outlook: email-free busy for scheduling meetings, task  
list, address book, but does not use the journal.
    + Manages four calendars, four address books, four contact lists  
and one task personal task list.
    + Creates task lists and “I like checking things off.”
    + Spends about 60% a day looking and rearranging the calendars,  
approximately 3 hours a day.
    + Mixes work and home events on the personal calendar. Conference  
call information are also on her personal calendar and not on her  
boss’ calendar.
    + Uses reminders, approximately 10 - 15 reminders a week. Uses  
event status: confirmed, tentative, fyi. Create labels and color  
codes only her personal calendar.
    + When dealing with clients outside the company, a phone call is  
always the best way to get on someone’s calendar
    + “If are a scheduler you want them to talk to you first before  
you put them in their boss’ calendar.”

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