[Design] Proposal for a nag-reminder feature

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Wed Jan 11 14:35:00 PST 2006

Hi Sean,

The iCalendar spec supports repeated reminders, so we definitely need to
think about how Chandler wants to relate to such reminders, we'll get
them from calendars shared with other clients.

We haven't implemented repeating reminders yet, partly because we
haven't invested a ton of energy in reminders in general, partly because
it wasn't clear if this was a genuinely useful feature since we already
support snoozing reminders.

Your use case of a daily reminder to get an oil change is very helpful,
this is an example of a fuzzy deadline where snoozing for 10 minutes is
obviously not a good solution.

The challenge with reminders is to avoid overwhelming users with options
when they get a reminder.  If reminders can both be snoozed and repeat,
options for responding to reminders will probably need to look like:

Snooze, Dismiss, Dismiss and stop repeating, Dismiss All

That's not too bad, really.

I think part of what we're trying to achieve with the dashboard (a
workflow for triaging all sorts of more and less timely data, we haven't
implemented it yet) could conceivably meet much of the need that you're
currently meeting with repeating reminders.  So it'll take some
discussion and thought to decide whether it makes sense for Chandler to
complicate its reminders in this way.

Personally, I'm in favor of supporting iCalendar features like this more
completely, so I'd like to see such a feature added eventually.  It
shouldn't take much effort to code.


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