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Joseph T. Galietto joe at galietto.com
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 Before you do a logo, has anyone checked if the "Scooby" name will
conflict with trademarks associated with the "Archie Comics"
character?  Better to find this out now than after a product release
or even a logo.


Joseph T. Galietto
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It has come to my attention there is a need for a place hold Scooby
logo until a more comprehensive branding effort gets underway for the
full product suite, ie. OSAF, Chandler, Cosmo, Scooby ecosystem.

Reasons for having a place holder Scooby logo:
1. Indicate that the Scooby project is indeed a real project.
2. Scooby team morale.

I'd like to present the logo as "take it" or "leave it" process. I
will propose a logo design and we will vote to either "take it" or
leave Scooby and Cosmo as is: Scooby with a text-only "logo" and Cosmo
with the existing logo. There will be no revisions for this place
holder logo.

The "take it or leave it" approach is to meet immediate needs in a low
impact way. That said, everyone at OSAF recognizes that this is only a
temporary design solution.

So here are the options as to what we can do in the mean time:

1. Create Scooby logo identical to the Cosmo logo (see attached), so
there is at least some consistency within the two projects Cosmo &
+ The SWAG for creating one logo: one week time.


2. Create a new log for both Cosmo and Scooby.
+ The SWAG for creating two logos: two weeks time.


3. Keep Scooby without a logo. Keep the existing Cosmo logo as is. No
new logos until branding project is kicked off.

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list only please!!!
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