[Design] Sidebar Collection icon treatments

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Wed Feb 15 11:38:33 PST 2006

Hi Mimi,

I'm a fan of having specialized icons for collections and collection
check boxes.  I know many people have expressed reservations about this
in the past, I've been meaning to voice my "I like it" vote.  It seems
to me the cost is very low to experiment with lots of different icons,
lets do it and get lots of user feedback with different icons in play.

Heck, maybe it would be useful to have a Chandler startup option to use
a different prefix string when looking for icons, so different ideas
could coexist...

To help with the problem of new users figuring out there's something
"separate" from clicking on the row, what if rolling over the row (but
not the check box) preserved the rabbit, but caused two little boxes,
one with a check, one without, to appear to its right?  And if you
rolled over the check box area, what you have for the unchecked rollover
would appear?

Finally, while I'm a noted fan of rabbits, particularly the dancing
variety, can you describe your motivation for using a rabbit?  Is it to
inspire "oh my god, that's so cute it must surely have some purpose"


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