[Design] Joel on Software article comparing AJAX Calendar products

Stefan Magdalinski public at whitelabel.org
Thu Feb 9 01:51:52 PST 2006

Philippe Bossut wrote:
> Thanks Bear!
> Got a good laugh (as always with Joel on Software) but the user scenario 
> he describes is really worth checking and pondering.
> This idea of different TZ for the start and end date was actually 
> mentioned last year by Arel (one of our summer intern) for precisely 
> this scenario (plane scheduling). It's a very valid and common need 
> (well, may be not flying West-East across the international day change 
> line but just flying coast to coast in the US will be a pain to enter in 
> any calendar...).

Interesting to compare to my feedback from last week, and I'm not sure
if I agree with him on everything, especially the fractional time thing.
When I fly I tend to enter the exact flight details in the note, but
block the time out from 2 hours before the actual flight time.
Creating a clever way of accurately representing the odd things that
happen due to the rotation of the earth, might well lead to increased
complexity for an edge case (apart from that subset of ultra-frequent
flyers), at the expense of straightforwardness for the more common,
single timezone events.

Apart from anything else, if I'm flying, I'm out of action for the next
X hours, irrespective of local time.

> I also like the way he drives the Print requirement.

yes, that is spot on.

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