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Oh goodie, Sheila is back next week! I'll let her sum up this past  
week discussions! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

New Threads:

Philippe sent out 'Edit/update workflows and email item sharing':  
These are notes from a meeting which hilighted the following issues  
with edit/update and email item sharing in Chandler.
+ Stamping workflow
+ Prompting users to accept changes coming through email?
+ Share read only
+ When merging happens when sharing a server, not when getting  
changes through emails.
+ Chandler should ignore updates sent to itself.

Mimi/Priscilla kicked off a design session to go over Cosmo UI for  
Preview and Post Preview: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/ 
+ The meeting was to go over the 'nice to have's' for Preview and to  
go over the 'bare minimum' designs. The bare minimum is design's  
priority based on all the features presented for Preview.
+ Notes from the meeting can be found here: http:// 
+ Take away is have a follow up design session in the new year and to  
see if in the mean time get some raw estimates (more then a weeks  
work, less then a couple of days) from the Cosmo team.

Jared sent out 'Service Performance targets': http:// 
+ In performance testing, Are there particular performance cases that  
people would really like to see tracked for the OSAF hosted service?
+ Jared is planning on putting together 3 use cases: PUT of a  
standard resource (1.5 sec), PROPFIND against a standard collection  
(0.2 sec), and ATOM GET of that same standard collection (4.0 sec).   
(Specific resources and collection
+ Heikki responded to adding 3 more use cases: Sharing, Logging in,  
Creating new user.
+ BCM responded to adding: webcal GET (modeling ical interop), eim  
sync (as you  mentioned subsequently)

Adam/Priscilla announced QA Cosmo is live at: http:// 
+ If you are curious with the latest progress on Cosmo, or interested  
in testing the Cosmo UI —filing bug reports are welcome!
+ Adam will be updating QA Cosmo weekly with the latest checkpoint so  
please *do not store important data on this machine*.

Continued Discussions:

Based on this original time zone on the Cosmo UI thread: http:// 
Priscilla sent out another proposal of how time zones will work on  
the Cosmo UI: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2006- 
The proposal is have the user pick a time zone as part of signing up  
for an account. This includes signing up for a Cosmo account for  
Chandler too. All Cosmo accounts would have a working time zone. And  
so a CC user without a Cosmo account would view the time zone from  
the Chandler users Cosmo account to set the default time zone.
+ There is a concern from Bobby if a Chandler user is sharing time  
zone information, then the user travels and changes it, it will not  
be affected on the Cosmo UI.
+ This started yet another discussion on the list, if the Chandler  
users could be prompted to share their time zone information before  
they publish a collection: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/ 

Jeffrey reopened a discussion floating events, prompted from the time  
zone discussion: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2006- 
+ The proposal is to allow the user to choose between two time zone  
    - The first is to "display time zone information", defaulting to  
off, that would control whether time zone drop downs were visible but  
wouldn't affect where events were rendered on the calendar.
    - The other option is to "ignore time zones when positioning  
events" that would default to off. Floating time zones by default and  
two events from different time zones would be placed in the same spot.
+ Katie noted that she's not in favor of altering the design here yet  
(with various reasons) and would like to try it out with real users  
first, then go from there.

Sheila began re-listing out the requirements for 'Accessibility for  
the home collection browser'. This discussion had continued around  
the placement of links for the Cosmo admin and file browser UI in the  
'Login-related workflows update' thread. The recap is that we have  
not come to a consensus on the right design.
+ Mimi followed up with a summary with high-level requirements and  
goals, a recap of the proposal and summary of the various concerns  
that have been voiced on the list about that proposal: http:// 

Based on the original thread: http://lists.osafoundation.org/ 
Mimi wanted to make close on tread relating to the confusion of the  
'Add to iCal' icon. If it meant to subscribe or to download an .ics  
file: http://lists.osafoundation.org/pipermail/design/2006-December/ 
+ We realized 'downloading an .ics file' was on the original feature  
list, but was lost somewhere and didn't want to add it in unless it  
was trivial. Ted/BCM made the call that it was trivial to do, so the  
feature is now back in.

Other Discussions:

Philippe came across 'MyOpen ID' - a free Open ID server that let's  
people use single sign on in any OpenID enabled website. http:// 
+ The discussion continues about how it may be used for Cosmo sign in  
and solve some of the privacy policies:

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