[Design] [Cosmo][Proposal] Time-zone on Cosmo UI

Bobby Rullo br at osafoundation.org
Tue Dec 5 14:03:24 PST 2006

On Dec 5, 2006, at 1:41 PM, Jeremy Epstein wrote:

> Which is worse?
>   1) having to reset the timezone 100% of time with an annoying alert

What if the alert wasn't annoying? What if it was just a little  
notice at the top of the screen that's not modal, that the user  
doesn't have to click out of.- "Note: This calendar uses timezones -  
sign up for an account for full access" or something.

>   2) the possibility you might have to reset the timezone some of  
> the time.

> A CC could change their view of the ecalendar.

How about:

3) The calendar creator changed their timezone, and now stuff is in a  
different place than it was the last time the CC looked, and the CC  
is three hours early/late for their appointments?

I think 3)'s the worst frankly.

I think anything other than floating timezones for CC's is dangerous,  
unless we assign timezones to collections, which might be the  
solution, but carries with it a bunch of workflow and UI which we  
haven't planned for.


> Bobby Rullo wrote:
>>> What if any user signs up for a Cosmo account, they have to pick  
>>> a working time-zone as part of sign up. This includes signing up  
>>> for a Cosmo account for Chandler too. This would mean all Cosmo  
>>> accounts would have a working time-zone. When a Casual  
>>> Collaborator user without a Cosmo account clicks on a URL/ticket,  
>>> the working time-zone used is from the Chandler user's Cosmo  
>>> account to set the default time-zone on the calendar canvas. If  
>>> an account is in floating time-zone, give it a working time-zone  
>>> so it's still possible to figure out where to put individual  
>>> events with time-zones.
>> The problem with this is that when the user who created the  
>> calendar changes their account's timezone, everyone all of a  
>> sudden sees something different.
>> For example, I create a collection while my timezone is set to PST  
>> for my Cosmo workmates to share, some of who don't want a Cosmo  
>> account. Then I go to NY to work there a while and switch my  
>> timezone to EST and all the CC's viewing the calendar see all the  
>> events in NY time.

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