[Design] New web PIM Joyent, capital-N notifications + collaborative mailing list management

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Fri Nov 18 20:59:55 PST 2005

Mimi Yin wrote:

> However, this got me thinking more about the specific situations in  
> which sending capital N notifications might be useful and  
> "collaborative management of mailing lists" or more generally, "group  
> discussions via email" came up.

> [...] This kind of "aggregated" prioritization is not new, it largely  
> doesn't exist in the PIM space, but web services have had it forever.  
> The most useful reviews float to the top in Amazon. Who are the most  
> trusted sellers on Ebay? What are the most emailed articles on  
> NewYorkTimes.com?

This would be a natural parcel that a researcher interested in 
collaborative filtering would implement, IMHO. It would be nice to see 
something like this move from research systems (I think Information Lens 
had it in 1986!!) and into everyday use. It does bring a potentially 
large set of headaches about gaming the ratings (spammers), so it's hard 
to see it ever moving past a circle of "trusted reviewers". Great for 
sharing within a single organization, though, even a fairly large one 
(e.g., university administrators and faculty, which I believe is the 
space that OSAF is particularly interested right now).

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