[Design] Gloabl UI Design

Steven Healey shealey at swanstone.com
Fri Nov 18 14:54:58 PST 2005

> I'm struggling to find the best way to respond because the fact is, 
> good software shouldn't have confirmation dialogs in the first place.
> UI designers should be able to either:
> 1. Make sure users can't do things that would cause them harm
>     or
> 2. Ensure that any potentially harmful action is readily reversible

I am struggling to understand how the UI designer for a circular saw, for
example, can design it to meet those two requirements.

Similarly with a tool that touches a relational database.  How do you delete
a table without being able to execute a DROP TABLE command?  How do you
ensure, 100.1% of the time, that no one can ever drop the wrong table?  Even
if we had direct mind-to-computer communication I notice that people still
make slips of the tongue; can you assure me that the brain-jack interface
won't read what the person sent down the vocal pathway rather than what his
superego intended?


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