[Design] Initial IMAP with +15000 mails

Manuel Renz m.renz at teleware-its.de
Wed Mar 30 10:21:00 PST 2005

Win XP
Chandler continous enduser build 20050329

I'm just trying to sync with my mail account which is about 150 MB big and  
the home of more than 15000 messages.
Since a few minutes the process needs 90% to 99% of CPU time and the  
memory usage is growing continously (now at 203 MB)
But the UI is not blocked.

I never used IMAP with another client so I don't have any experiences with  
my IMAP provider.
So is this by design or why the complete database needs to be downloaded  
or is something wrong?
I won't touch chandler the next 2 hours maybe it finishes ;-)

(memory now hitting the 213MB mark)

greetz & blessigns
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