[Design] Email text message frame / window

Selva silver3 at gosympatico.ca
Thu Jan 1 22:32:02 PST 2004

> Because of the voluminous nature of email, I would agree with David’s previous suggestion to use some form of coloring or shading scheme for the tabs to let the user know whether there is any data in any of the tabs below the email text message window.

Also because of the voluminous nature of email, it might be best to limit the display of the previously discussed tabs under the email text message window to just those emails received from contacts that have already been entered into Chandler's Addressbook.  

Hence, for emails received from senders that are not in the user's Addressbook, no tabs would need to be displayed, but  a button for "Add Sender to Addressbook" could be deployed for the email text message window.  Clicking the button could then present the user with the Chandler contact entry window with the sender's email address and email nickname fields already filled in.


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