[Design] Email text message frame / window

Selva silver3 at gosympatico.ca
Thu Jan 1 21:50:43 PST 2004

As per the email list frame discussion, it may also be useful to consider tabbing the email text message frame also.  (For purposes of orientation, this is the bottom right frame of most email interfaces).  

This might follow a similar pattern to my previous discussion of the two panel Addressbook interface, with the left panel for name look up list, and the right panel for contact details with additional tabs below this panel.  

So the additional tabs below the email text message frame might be:

1) Contact details tab
2) Tab for list of writer docs that have been either emailed to the particular contact or Writer docs that have an attached envelope addressed to the contact.
3) Tab for list of Short Notes that cite the contact’s name or email address
4) Tab for any To Do list items that cite the contact’s name or email address

Again, as David pointed out, the power user could also add custom tabs on their own should the wish to do so perhaps by use of a wizard that walks the user thru the process.

Some users (like myself) actually prefer to expand the email list window frame all the way down there by completely collapsing the email message text window all together.  I do this since I can just double click any email in the list window and have it open in a separate email text message window so that I don’t have to scroll so much to read it.  To accommodate these users, the above listed tabs under the email text message window could be added to the separate window that opens up when the user double clicks an email in the list window.  

Because of the voluminous nature of email, I would agree with David’s previous suggestion to use some form of coloring or shading scheme for the tabs to let the user know whether there is any data in any of the tabs below the email text message window.


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