[Design] Your favourite IMAP client?

Grant Bowman grantbow at grantbow.com
Tue Aug 3 19:02:22 PDT 2004

* Chih-Chao Lam <chao at osafoundation.org> [040802 13:10]:
> I'm starting to plan for our 0.5 release (the one after 0.4 which we 
> are developing as I type) and one of the key goals is to make Chandler 
> experimentally usable as an IMAP client.
> A key challenge for IMAP, of course, is to make Chandler coexist with 
> other IMAP clients and allow users to switch between clients to access 
> the same IMAP account. To that end, we'd like to investigate the IMAP 
> implementation  of a few clients in greater detail.
> So, I'd like to start a thread on your favorite IMAP client. In 
> particular, I'd like to learn more about what IMAP clients *Linux* 
> users employ today. Please list your favorite client name, version and 
> OS platform you're on. Ideally, we'd like to study 3-5 clients in more 
> detail.

A favorite IMAP MUA for Linux users, especially developers and high
information-flow handling people Chandler is targeting, is mutt.



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