[cosmo-dev] Data importation into the Derby database from text files

Randy Letness randy at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 29 21:00:43 PST 2008

Hi Christine,

Are you talking about importing data from text files into Chandler 
Server?  Or are you talking about the general problem of parsing a text 
file and updating a Derby database?  If you want to get data into 
Chandler Server, you can use one of the supported protocols: caldav, 
atom, or morse code.  Details of these protocols can be found at:


You would write an external program that processes the text files and 
talks to a Chandler Server using a supported protocol.  You could add 
the data to an existing collection or create a new one.  If you are 
using Java, you could use a caldav client such as caldav4j 
(http://chandlerproject.org/Projects/CalDAV4jHome), but you aren't 
restricted to a language, just as long as you speak the protocol.

Currently there isn't an easy way to have the server do the parsing 
work, although I could imagine adding a servlet that when accessed, does 
the parsing work and uses the service apis to add data to a collection.


Christine Lu wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a project which consists of reusing data from several text
> files. I would like the server to read these files and to add the data
> into the database. I want to modify the server source code to automate
> this action but I don't know where and how the server reads and writes
> into the database. Please, let me know what files are concerned.
> Thank you for your help.
> Christine
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