Re: [cosmo-dev] Hudson build became unstable: cosmo-trunk » Cosmo #83

Travis Vachon travis at
Wed Jan 23 10:26:20 PST 2008

+1, though I'm fairly ambivalent about where to put it. A new list  
might actually be good, and could be used for automated build output  
from all of the various chandler related automated build bots.

Even better, maybe, would be a feed one could subscribe to, though  
maybe that already exists.


On Jan 23, 2008, at 9:50 AM, Jared Rhine wrote:

>> See$cosmo/83/changes
> It feels like build/test error reports like these should probably go  
> somewhere else.  I'm mainly concerned about people following the  
> list who are not involved enough (yet) to want to see automated/cron- 
> style output.
> Perhaps the commits list or a new mailman or distribution list.
> Opinions?
> -- Jared
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