[cosmo-dev] steps to push new cosmo release out

Randy Letness randy at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 22 14:42:34 PST 2008

Jared Rhine wrote:
> Let's talk about scheduling a session.
> There's been an appropriate amount of emphasis on test automation.  
> But I don't think anything will ever replace at least a double-check 
> of key new features.  Previous manual checking has caught things like, 
> oh, features not actually being checked in and so forth.  As Hub 
> service manager, I like to personally double check stuff that's high 
> profile.
> Combining "manual double check" with IRC QA session makes sense.  It's 
> better when manual double checks have been run before a IRC QA 
> session, but I think combining them is an appropriate use of limited 
> QA resources.
> How's tomorrow 1pm, for an IRC session?  Any other time would be fine 
> too.

Sounds good.  I'd like to have all current automated tests passing 
before the session to shake out any obvious bugs.  The protocol tests 
seem to be passing so that leaves the windmill tests.  The other area 
that needs some testing is the new configuration changes with the server 
bundle, that is:

1. Verify snarf works as is with no configuration changes using embedded 
Derby database.
2. Make configuration changes in 
$OSAFSRV_HOME/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/chandler.xml (change db to 
mysql for instance) and verify things work

We should do a checkpoint build of the server bundle to verify 1 and 
2.   Any ideas on how to do that?

I was going to try to add some protocol tests to verify some of the 
fixed bugs.  Other bugs may be able to be verified using a windmill test 
so if anyone is up for that great.  I'll be out Thurs and Fri so I doubt 
there will be a release this or next week.


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