[cosmo-dev] steps to push new cosmo release out

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Tue Jan 22 11:10:23 PST 2008

> Here is a list of the changes made in the trunk since 0.11:

Great list.  +1 for this being the basic 0.12 release plan.

> * Figure out impact of configuration changes to hub

I can build trunk.  Rebuilt this morning, http://trunk.osaf.us/ appear  
to work.  It's not using the new standalone war configuration; the  
old, untouched server.xml is working fine, so I'm inclined to keep it  
until I get bit.

It'd be reasonable to run manual tests against trunk.osaf.us.   
Windmill tests, do they rely on a blank instance?  If not, feel free  
to use trunk.osaf.us for those too.

-- Jared

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