[cosmo-dev] [General] OSAF Transitions

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 8 20:51:13 PST 2008

OSAF and the Chandler project are going through some big transitions. 
Yesterday, January 7, we restructured the organization. This is the 
biggest change since the inception of project six and a half years ago.

In September 2007 we delivered a Preview release of Chandler Desktop, 
Chandler Server and the Chandler Hub web application. Since then we’ve 
been gradually acquiring users and building a community of people 
interested in the project. We now have hundreds of people participating 
in our users mailing list and thousands of users downloading Chandler 
and creating accounts on Chandler Hub.

Chandler is an open source, standards-based calendar and task manager 
built around small group collaboration and a core set of information 
management workflows modeled on Inbox usage patterns. Users manage and 
share calendars, tasks, messages, and notes with the Chandler Desktop 
application and with the Chandler Hub web application.

The next phase of the project is about growing the user base, building 
the community, and diversifying our funding sources. OSAF has been 
primarily funded by one person up to this point, Mitch Kapor. Our goal 
going forward is to modify our organization and our funding model to 
grow into a publicly supported community project, not propelled by one 

I will be leading the next phase of the project, and Mitch will be 
winding down his role on the project. Mitch will provide transitional 
financial assistance to support the organization through 2008. Mitch 
will step down from the board, and I will replace him.

OSAF will maintain a smaller staff during the next phase of the project. 
While figuring out the new funding model, it is prudent for the 
organization to reduce expenses. OSAF’s paid staff will go from 27 
people to 10 people. While I expect that most former staff members will 
move on to other endeavors, we certainly welcome them to remain involved 
with OSAF and Chandler in some capacity. Developers will retain commit 
privileges, for example.

Strategically, we find ourselves at a crossroads. The new Chandler team 
will continue to address the needs of informal groups sharing calendars 
and managing projects together. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback 
from our current users, and intend to use that to fix usability problems 
and shape the next set of feature work. We have several options before 
us and will be ironing out a more focused plan for the next phase. We 
will keep everyone updated on this blog.

The Chandler team did a fantastic job shipping the Preview release. 
Building on this accomplishment, the project has many great 
possibilities ahead. While saddened to see such a great team come to an 
end, I’m excited about the project’s opportunities and looking forward 
to next chapter.

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