[cosmo-dev] Cosmo Web UI Question & more about Tasks

Alan Lord alanslists at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 7 14:02:46 PST 2008

Brian Moseley wrote:
  > when you create an event through CalDAV, the start and end date are
> parsed out. the same is not true for tasks.
> in Cosmo and in Chandler Desktop, stamping an item gives you the
> ability to set start and end dates on it. stamping it as a task
> confers no additional attributes on it. to be frank, I don't really
> see what the point is of stamping an item as a task in our tools,
> other than seeing a checkbox for the item in list view.

I guess what I find a bit strange, is why tasks are being visually 
treated *so* differently to events? It seems to me that both data types 
(VTODOs and VEVENTs) are really very similar in their overall structure 
so it just strikes me as odd that they are represented in such a very 
different way on the UI.

>> Is it me, or do I detect that tasks are just not really considered as
>> important as events?
> I think the designers have a different concept of "task" than you or I.

Perhaps it is my lack of understanding of the differences in the 
specification between VTODO and VEVENT... I haven't read the RFCs and, 
to be honest, I don't really want to either; I am merely a humble user ;-)



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