[cosmo-dev] Cosmo Web UI Question & more about Tasks

Alan Lord alanslists at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 7 13:44:48 PST 2008

Brian Moseley wrote:
  > no. the server's data model for tasks does not include start or end
> date, percent completed, etc. when CalDAV is used to store a task,
> only the title is parsed out of the iCalendar VTODO. you'd have to
> persuade the design folks to add these additional attributes to the
> UI, and then we'd have to add support for them in the data model.

The start and end date *fields* in the UI are there already surely? They 
are just greyed out in the detail pane (right) for tasks... The date 
information would be a really useful addition for tasks IMHO. Otherwise, 
to be completely honest, I don't really see what use it is having tasks 
listed at all.

The only "physical" change I imagine on the UI that would make it 
clearer it is a task is to change the label "Ends" to "Due" (Or 
something else that infers a deadline...

I can see how adding the 'percent complete' etc would be more of a job.

Is it me, or do I detect that tasks are just not really considered as 
important as events?



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