[cosmo-dev] Cosmo Web UI Question & more about Tasks

Travis Vachon travis at osafoundation.org
Mon Jan 7 13:22:45 PST 2008

Hi Alan

Thanks for your feedback, replies below.

On Jan 7, 2008, at 12:52 PM, Alan Lord wrote:
> whilst looking into the creating task/event stuff earlier, I noticed  
> a difference in the way web UI works between the calendar view and  
> the "list" view (if there is a correct name for this view please let  
> me know...). When in calendar mode, one can select the checkboxes  
> next to their collections and see any/all of the collections  
> displayed in the calendar.
> When you switch to the list view however, the checkboxes disappear  
> and the list will only show the data from the single collection name  
> that happens to be currently highlighted. I tried but using shift or  
> control I cannot highlight multiple collections either.
> Is this by design? It is a bit weird if it is... It caused me to  
> think that data was not being displayed at all, until I realised  
> what was going on... It would be more consistent - IMHO - if the  
> checkboxes next to the collection names do not disappear when  
> switching from calendar to list view.

This is by design AFAIK, though I can definitely imagine multi  
selection in list view to be useful. I've filed bug 11727 for this  
feature (https://bugzilla.osafoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11727),  
please feel free to comment here or there with any thoughts you have  
on how that should work.

> I am using Firefox on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) if that matters.
> Secondly, to continue the Task/Event discussion a bit more; If I  
> create a task in lightning, then look at it in Cosmo, I can see it  
> in the list view. When I select it, the detail panel to the right of  
> the display fails to show the start/end[due] date and parameters  
> such as percentage completed, status etc... I realise some of these  
> are not part of the UI but the dates should surely be shown in the  
> detail pane and in the main list view? As I look at it now, I have a  
> line item with the 'title' and 'edited by' fields showing, but  
> nothing else. The Notes and Title are there but no date information.

At the moment I believe this information is not sent by the server,  
but Brian's comments at the end of the last thread about tasks suggest  
this information will be included in the future. Once it is it will  
definitely make sense to include this information!

Brian - am I inferring the implications of your comments correctly?


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