[cosmo-dev] Re: More project ideas for Chandler Server

randy at osafoundation.org randy at osafoundation.org
Thu Aug 21 09:42:45 PDT 2008

> FYI Randy, Jeffrey is slated to do UI work for Notifications. So you
> should be counting on that happening in the next couple of months. Is
> there still more server work to be done on your end?

Yeah I need to do some more testing and merge the code from the scheduling
branch.  I can start on this soon.

Also, I'm looking into creating a Jott link to be able to get data into a
collection using Jott and the problem I'm running into now is a
restriction on the URL length that needs to be stored in Jott.  The
ticketed collection URL is around 115 chars and Jott seems to only save
the first 100.  I'm on the forums now trying to figure out a way around


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