[cosmo-dev] Re: More project ideas for Chandler Server

Mimi Yin mimi at osafoundation.org
Wed Aug 20 14:08:02 PDT 2008

Forwarding Randy's reply to the list :)

FYI Randy, Jeffrey is slated to do UI work for Notifications. So you  
should be counting on that happening in the next couple of months. Is  
there still more server work to be done on your end?


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> From: Randy Letness <randy at osafoundation.org>
> Date: August 19, 2008 9:23:02 PM PDT
> To: Mimi Yin <mimi at osafoundation.org>
> Subject: Re: More project ideas for Chandler Server
> Hey Mimi,
>> Do you think it would be worthwhile for you to pull together a  
>> blog post or some other kind of documentation around all the  
>> different ways you can get data in and out of Chandler Server? I  
>> realize this is very vague, but I'm mostly thinking in terms of  
>> something that might help new developers get started.
> We could do this.  I think we already have blogs that are more user  
> oriented (gcal setup/ical setup) and the developers wiki page lists  
> all ways of getting data in/out of the server.  The wiki docs are  
> mostly geared towards developers though.  I think doing more blogs  
> like the gcal one  would be worthwhile, but not sure about re- 
> hashing the protocol stuff that exists on the wiki.
>> Sheila mentioned that you also had some ideas for projects. Could  
>> you send them along to the list?
> Yeah, of course I didn't write them down...I'll send something out  
> after thinking about things.
> I was experimenting with adding a Jott link because I thought I  
> could easily add support to the server without doing any new ui by  
> using a ticketed url for the link, but it turns out the URL is too  
> long for Jott or something...I'm trying to figure out whats going  
> on, but if I can get that working that should be something worth  
> updating hub for and a blog post.
> -Randy

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> From: randy at osafoundation.org
> Date: August 20, 2008 2:08:18 PM PDT
> To: "Mimi Yin" <mimi at osafoundation.org>
> Subject: Re: More project ideas for Chandler Server
>> yo, did you mean to just reply to me? ;)
>> Jott support would be cool.
> I just realized your original msg was cc'ed to the list...my bad.   
> Yeah I
> really wanted to get a Jott link up and running using a ticketed url,
> because it would require *0* ui work up front.  But it turns out  
> there are
> some problems with using a URL that looks like the ticketed url  
> (mainly
> its too long) so there goes that idea.
> I still think finishing up the notification work is worthwhile,  
> although
> that would require some ui work and we are a little short staffed for
> that.  I'm trying to think of things we can do on the server that  
> wouldn't
> require ui work and would connect Chandler data to other apps/systems.
> -Randy

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