[cosmo-dev] Hub production status

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Fri Aug 15 13:54:41 PDT 2008

Heh, question about Hub production.  There's a hub-29 block in the  
config file, and a hub-29 that got built.  But hub-28 is listed as  
production and Hub live appears to be hub-28 (1.0.0-r7293).

Anyone recall the exact history?  I'm wondering if we actually  
upgraded to hub-29 and then rolled back?  Actually, it looks, from  
logs, that hub-29 was live for 2 minutes (on August 14th).  Whoah,  
that was last night.

Jeffrey says he's pretty sure his r7298 fix didn't rolled out to  

Was there a problem with hub-29?  Would we like to roll out Jeffrey's  
fix?  Randy, is this related to the restart fix for PUT variables you  
recently did?

-- Jared

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