[cosmo-dev] Re: Sending emails / SMS / IM to Cosmo

randy at osafoundation.org randy at osafoundation.org
Fri Aug 15 08:06:08 PDT 2008

Its been talked about, but we haven't really done anything to support
this.  I know Jared was talking about doing this as an add-on (it would
use existing atom apis).  I think Jared was talking about first doing
email, and then supporting SMS would simply be an extension of that since
there are tools that translate SMS to email.

I've done a little investigation on supporting IM to Cosmo, and that would
be cool to add.  It would require a little UI work for user preferences to
enable this functionality (for security purposes).

I also think it would be cool to add a Jott link...that was some cool
stuff, calling a number, leaving a voice mail, getting that voice mail
translated to text and then that text inserted into a collection on hub.

All this stuff is def doable short-term.


> Hi Randy,
> We were talking about server work in our post 1.0 planning meeting
> yesterday and I remembered that the ability to create new items by
> sending email / text messages to Cosmo was something we've discussed,
> but I wasn't sure if any work had been done on it.
> It seems like a feature that would require relatively if any front-
> end UI to get up and running for current users. Emails could be sent
> to username at collection.hub.chandlerproject.org or something.
> Has there been any work done in this area? Is there anything
> preventing us from supporting this? CC:ing Jared because I think this
> was on his plate at some point.
> Mimi

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