[cosmo-dev] Re: [Chandler-dev] medical scheduling application

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Thu Aug 14 10:19:25 PDT 2008

Hi Sebastian,

> I am from the GNUmed team. We use python and wxpython as well. So I am 
> definetly interested in this future development.


> I am a full time doctor trying to devote much time to GNUmed but I sure 
> understand the concept that simply asking for something isn't going to get me 
> there :-)
> I would like to extend my question. Would it be possible to have chandler web 
> interface in some way be used to check for free slots and let patients 
> schedule visits which in turn would show up in chandler desktop ?

There are two ways I can see implementing this.  One would be to enhance 
the existing server javascript to provide this feature.  We already have 
the concept of free-busy tickets, I suspect writing code to find and 
render free slots would be quite doable.

Alternately, the Chandler Server supports CalDAV FreeBusy queries, which 
will send an iCalendar freebusy report in response to a time-range 
query.  So a web-ui could be build that was server-neutral for the 
display side of this.

Making it possible for clients to add new events, but only in free 
slots, would require changes to the security model.  Seems like a very 
useful feature, but I'm not sure it'd be quick or easy to add.

One possible way to make this work would be to have two collections, one 
with fairly liberal write permissions (for tentative appointments), 
another collection for confirmed appointments.  Free-busy queries could 
be based on the sum of these collections.  The only problem with that 
approach is security.

Right now our security model doesn't really support modes of operation 
beyond read-only, or free-busy only, or full read-write for every item. 
    I think in the long run you'd really want patients to only be able 
to edit their own appointments, but that level of security could be 
added to the server later on, I suspect.  It's certainly an 
oft-discussed feature.


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