[Cosmo-dev] Notes from Cosmo build/release process meeting

Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Wed Sep 26 18:02:14 PDT 2007

Here are the notes from today's Cosmo build/release meeting

Several items from Jared's agenda were reassigned to either other  
meetings or to mailing list discussions:

- qacosmo/lab.osaf.us/tbox backend code (unification possibilities)   
(small group f2f on Thurs)
- Hub update QA (taken offline)
- Functional test output format (to the list - bcm/mikeal)

The topics that were actually discussed

- Testing automation next steps
    One problem is that UI id's change causing test rewrites
    Our current protocol test coverage is pretty narrow - hope to  
broaden prior to 0.8
    We don't have jsunit tests running yet - working on Windmill  
support for these
    Ted said that development is moving towards checking in tests w/  
new features, and checking in regression tests with bug fixes

- Windmill in tbox next steps
     Bear hasn't caught up windmill client code changes, would like  
advance notification of changes.
     Windmill devs can vnc into hung tinderboxes in order to debug  
the hanging windmill problems
     Aparna, bear, and mikeal to meet

- Dot release vs feature release (0.7.x vs 0.8) processes
     No changes from current "fast release" processes
     Ted to poll length of release frame on cosmo-dev

- Dojo build
     Bobby thinks that we shouldn't build dojo as a separate  
project.  He suggested running some script to munge the build after  
we get the stock dojo.   He would like all dependencies to be equal.
     The dojo build system takes 4mins to build Cosmo's JS

     Resolution: will only bake in release mode, as opposed to making  
dojo.js a dependency - bear needs to do some research into how to  
make this happen.
     Another part of the solution:  have a war clean target to kill  
the cooked dojo files
     A  random idea: make the web ui a separate Maven project
     Bear to investigate and propose a solution on cosmo-dev.

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