[Cosmo-dev] Release manager role staying with Ted

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Fri Sep 21 14:01:42 PDT 2007

Ted and I talked recently about the release manager role, and how that 
intersects with me being back from vacation.  Ted has acted as Cosmo 
release manager while I've been out.

Our consensus is that for time being, Ted will retain the Cosmo release 
manager role.  He'll play that traffic cop role (saying when to cut an 
RC, saying when a release is final, post announcements, etc).  His 
statements about the state of a release are official, mine are only 

Given the smaller release cycles and (the awesome) changes to our 
release process (to timed releases with few RCs), having another set of 
hands touch the release doesn't help.

I'll focus on being a good Cosmo customer, fleshing out Hub-specific 
management, roadmaps, and tickets.  And the Hub has a special kind of 
stakeholder role to the overall OSAF and Chandler Server effort, so I'm 
expected at bug councils and so forth.

I thank me for my previous service in this role :)

-- Jared

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