[Cosmo-dev] Server/Hub build/release/process meeting during on-site

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Fri Sep 21 13:51:16 PDT 2007

I'm the logistics driver for a planned "Server/Hub 
build/release/process" meeting during the OSAF on-site next week.

So I've scheduled Whoville for 4-5pm on Wednesday (2007-09-26).

The facilitator and note taker are TBD.  Volunteers welcome.  Anyone is 
welcome to attend (though a specific list is below).

The notes field for the event currently reads:


Driver: Jared (scheduling, attendees, agenda, identify facilitator, 
identify note taker)

Expected attendees: Jared, Ted, Bear, Katie, Aparna, Bobby, Matt, 
Travis, Adam, Mikeal

Agenda (possibilities):
- Testing automation next steps
- Dojo build
- Windmill in tbox next steps
- qacosmo/lab.osaf.us/tbox backend code (unification possibilities)
- Dot release vs feature release (0.7.x vs 0.8) processes
- Hub update QA
- Functional test output format


The agenda is exactly that set of issues people want to bring to the 
table.  As Ted put it on IRC:

"bascially devs who have either build or test related issues should show 
up.  if people don't have issues, they don't need to be there unless 
they want to be.  but i expect, for example, people complaining about 
the dojo build situation or the functional or windmill tests to be 
present. IOW put up or shut up"

Please please comment if there's a build/release/process discussion that 
you think needs to happen.

I'm guessing we'll run out of time, so we may need to prioritize our 
list at the start of the meeting to hit the most important items.

-- Jared

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