[Cosmo-dev] Built dojo.js with war:inplace

Matthew Eernisse mde at osafoundation.org
Tue Sep 18 16:46:33 PDT 2007

I've had this problem several times now (and it just happened again).

I build the app with an in-place war (mvn clean compile war:inplace), 
start working, and don't see the results of any of my changes. Usually I 
snap after scratching my head for a couple of minutes, and check the 
dojo.js file -- and sure enough, it's a cooked version with all the 
Cosmo code in it.

I was originally thinking that layered builds might mitigate this 
problem, but there's no reason to think whatever is getting missed here 
wouldn't result in built 'layered' files as well.

Is there some way to automate things in the build so this doesn't keep 


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