[Cosmo-dev] notes on webdav

Brian Moseley bcm at osafoundation.org
Fri Sep 14 16:10:34 PDT 2007

i've written up some notes on cosmo's webdav implementation as of 0.8
at <http://chandlerproject.org/Projects/CosmoWebdav>.

the notes are written from the perspective of somebody who is
knowledgeable about RFC 4918. they address all of the MUST-level
requirements that cosmo fails to meet and describes how cosmo chooses
to implement the SHOULD and SHOULD NOT requirements. for any section
of RFC 4918 that these notes do not address, you can assume that cosmo
behaves as required or suggested by the spec.

neither of the corresponding caldav and acl pages are complete. i'll
be working on those over the next couple weeks.

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