[Cosmo-dev] Chandler Server (Cosmo) 0.7.1 released

Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Thu Sep 13 11:32:34 PDT 2007

The Chandler Project is pleased to announce the 0.7.1 release of
Chandler Server (Cosmo)!

Chandler Server is a server and Ajax web UI for managing and sharing
calendars, events, and tasks. It implements open data standards
including CalDAV, WebDAV, Atom, and Atompub.

Chandler Server 0.7.1 is currently available for download as a
ready-to-run bundle at:


and the source code is available from subversion at:


Send us feedback at the open mailing list:

    chandler-users at osafoundation.org

We look forward to hearing from you!

This is a bugfix release for Chandler Server 0.7.0 and is recommended  
for general usage.

The bugs fixed in this release are:

Bug 8325: Need feedback to the user (dialog box) when user has added  
a collection (or the same collection)
Bug 8336:  Adding the same collection to your account
Bug 8595: Collection Details dialog: Renaming a collection adds the  
old name into the drop down list of collections
Bug 9686: Safari: mutiple selections in the list view is confusing
Bug 9863: Safari: Account browser setting doesn't work
Bug 10214:  prevent users from being able to add same collection to  
account twice
Bug 10231:  Safari: Can't create new item with quick entry in  
ticketed mode
Bug 10287:  Account Browser: Dav link errors when timeout has been  
Bug 10497:  timezone changes getting reset when switching views
Bug 10501: sending deletion of modification that doesn't exist  
results in it being created
Bug 10523: User can scroll the dashboard page and "lose" the header
Bug 10608: IE6/IE7 modifying recurring series, creates extra event  
that throws an error
Bug 10628: Cal canvas, setting an event title to: ,./;'[]\<>?:"{}|  
processes forever
Bug 10684: Deleted event still appears in calendar view
Bug 10692:  sharing alarms on a published collection throws a 500  
Server Error
Bug 10705:  migration from to 0.6.1 fails

A summary of known issues in this release is available:


Thanks for your interest in Chandler Server!

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