[Cosmo-dev] 0.7.1 status

Adam Christian adam at osafoundation.org
Wed Sep 12 00:23:20 PDT 2007

My original concern which was js errors in IE during drag and drop  
testing appears to not happen outside of my vm environment, so we are  
moving on from that.

My second concern which was inconsistent behavior between the browsers  
when running the windmill recurrence tests has turned out to be a typo  
in the actual json test file and the oversight in the differences  
between firing click events in IE vs firefox when interacting with the  
calendar canvas.

This leaves one last action failing having to do with the dialog  
buttons that I spent the last hour of the day tracking down and should  
have resolved by lunch Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon will be spent doing sharing interop with Chandler Baring any breakage in this sanity testing we should have a  
release by the end of the day.

Additionally, I plan to have all my fixes to windmill and the tests  
checked in before lunch so bear can have a clean run at the IE6 tbox.

Thanks for everyones patience.


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