[Cosmo-dev] Bug 10304 and base64 encoding

Bobby Rullo br at osafoundation.org
Mon Sep 10 11:28:31 PDT 2007

The reality is that this there is no client who can do much of  
anything with EIM+JSON except for the WebUI, and the primary (only)  
consumer of it is the web browser. The EIM+JSON feed would  never  
have existed if not for the web UI. So the needs of the web UI are of  
primary importance here.

Now, Cosmo as an open service is important as well. To this end,  
complying with the standard is important and therefore so base64  
encoding the Atom content.

Travis suggested in IRC having base64 encoding on by default, but  
having the ability to turn it off via a header or query string. This  
solution would seem to me to satisfy everyone's needs.


On Sep 10, 2007, at 11:15 AM, Brian Moseley wrote:

> On 9/10/07, Travis Vachon <travis at osafoundation.org> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, I'm -1 on leaving the code as-is in 0.7.2. I'm +0 on
>> your proposal, but am still confused why any of these changes belong
>> in this particular release. To be clear, I would be perfectly content
>> moving all of these changes (base64 encoding included!) into trunk.
> one could argue that .7 is broken in this regard. what if somebody
> needed to build a client and the only library available to them
> automatically attempted to base64 decode our entry content because of
> its mime type?
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