[Cosmo-dev] [Proposal] Bug triage process for 0.7.x

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Thu Sep 6 11:50:52 PDT 2007

Ted and I discussed how the process was going so far, and we had a few 

- Neither of us wants to wait for a regularly scheduled bug council to 
be able to move bugs into the latest 0.7.x release, or to raise the 
severity/priority of a bug.

- Discussing bug priorities asynchronously (in email) seems to work well 
for most bugs. In general, we tend to have consensus about priorities.

- For the most part, PPD is determining which bugs get prioritized into 
the release. We also want an avenue for QA or developers to bring a bug 
or task in or to punt a bug/task out that PPD has requested.

So we propose tweaking the process this way...

- PPD will go ahead and move bugs into 0.7.current *without* waiting for 
bug council. We'll do the same for priority changes. We'll send email to 
the list whenever we do this.

- QA (Aparna) or Eng (Ted) can do the same for any bug, again the 
expectation is that they will send mail to the list when they do.

- If any bug seems controversial, PPD, QA or Eng can bring up the bug 
(or set of bugs) on the list *before* making the change in bugzilla.

We assume that we'll have agreement on *most* bugs, and will have some 
conflict over a few. For the bugs where we disagree, we can start 
discussing on the list, and fall back to IRC if we need a more dynamic 

I assume we still need a weekly IRC "sweep" for any new untargeted bugs 
that have not been moved. Note that this proposal would mean that many 
new bugs would not be processed through an IRC bug council.

We're basically proposing trying to move more triage work into the list, 
the gambit being that this will be more efficient.

Thoughts? If no one has objections by the end of the day, we'll proceed 
to try it out and see how it works.


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