[Cosmo-dev] abbreviating content of entries in atom collections

Travis Vachon travis at osafoundation.org
Mon Jun 11 12:17:09 PDT 2007

Ok, thanks!

Technically, given what I know about Atom and REST, these sound like  
very good ideas. I'd like to become more familiar with all of the  
concepts surrounding this stuff and I think I'm going to take the  
afternoon to get myself to a point where I feel more capable of  
evaluating them technically.

 From what I do understand, they sound fantastic, and exactly what  
I'd love to be able to get into 0.7. Probably the best case scenario  
in my mind would be to have them implemented on the server in a way  
that is compatible with the current system, and have the client use  
them when we get a chance schedule-wise. It very well may turn out  
that the current protocol makes the ui unacceptably slow for preview,  
in which case having a more efficient protocol within 3-5 days of  
client side work could be a life saver.

I'm going to spend the afternoon catching up on this background  
stuff, and I'll try to get back with any further thoughts before the  
end of the day!


On Jun 11, 2007, at 11:46 AM, Brian Moseley wrote:

> On 6/11/07, Brian Moseley <bcm at osafoundation.org> wrote:
>> anything we do is "risky", but we have to think about performance as
>> well as schedule. i'd really rather evaluate these proposals on their
>> technical merits first before we start worrying about schedule  
>> impact.
>> i haven't made any claims as to how long they'd take to implement on
>> the server, you'll notice.
> let me clarify a few things about the proposals i've sent today:
> 1) they are not related in any substantial way to the idea i mentioned
> on irc last week about getting rid of atom wholesale. i think that my
> suggestion to use xhtml to represent subscriptions and preferences
> linked these proposals back to that pie-in-the-sky conversation.
> whoops.
> 2) they are suggestions for targeted improvements to my initial
> protocol design that aren't required for preview even if they would
> make our software work significantly better. i'd love to get them both
> done before the end of june, especially the one that could save
> significant bandwidth and processing time by cutting down the amount
> of data in a collection feed, but if we don't have time, that's fine.
> i'm just looking for technical feedback right now. if we judge a
> proposal to be worthy, then we can discuss where it goes in the
> schedule a little bit later.
> sorry i didn't preface my initial messages as such.
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