[Cosmo-dev] Update from today's Cosmo 0.6 bug council

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 30 22:47:18 PST 2007

The Bug Council reviewed all the outstanding bugs for Cosmo 0.6 and  
the following were marked blocking the release.


Bug 7937 : No events appearing when viewing read / read-write calend..
Bug 7929 : Recurrence mods with start or end in different weeks are
Bug 7910 : bundle distribution path includes extra directory
Bug 7433 : Compact/compile Cosmo Javascript
Bug 7376 : Help pages for Collection details

Also the following list of bugs are hard to reproduce. So in case you  
encounter them (esp during tomorrow's IRC QA session) please get a  
developer to look at it right away, if possible. If not, please  
update the bug with additional details as in what steps led you to  
the problem etc.

Bug 7859 : Strange error while signing up for an account Produc
Bug 7862 : JDBC/Hibernate exception on trying to modify a recurring  


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