[Cosmo-dev] QA Testing Session: 11 AM today

Adam Christian adam at osafoundation.org
Wed Jan 24 10:51:11 PST 2007

Hello again,

Another important QA session, as their have been huge amounts of bug  
fixes in the last week.

Some of the tasks to be tested include:
	- Fully functional UI now in Safari and IE 7
	- Magic url: http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Documentation/ 
	- Read only calendars
	- Fixes in editing time-zones in recurrence
	- Subscribe with Chandler, from Cosmo
	- Settings UI work flow
	- Fixes to IE 6 (normal usage of event form fields)
	- Many UI tweaks: Time zone typos, help links, events having the  
same start and end date, events in february, build version
	- Major admin UI enhancements (Probably better tested on your own  
local bundle)

The resolved bugs that need to be verified, it would be great if  
people could help me with these: http://tinyurl.com/yu7jrs
All of the tasks that should be done and need further testing: http:// 

You can use the latest checkpoint on: http:// 
or you can go download and use the latest checkpoint build: http:// 

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