[Cosmo-dev] New functional tests and test cleanup

Vinubalaji Gopal vinu at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 23 14:21:11 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 16:04 -0800, Mikeal Rogers wrote:
> Nobody liked the old tests, they were cumbersome to write and  
> difficult to debug.
very true, I always cursed the testing suite for not being so modular -
which did not allow linking the test cases. At the basic I would atleast
like to create user objects/accounts for all the new test cases using a
single line.

+SERVER_URL = 'http://qacosmo.osafoundation.org:8080'
+ADMIN_USER = 'root'
+ADMIN_PASS = 'cosmo'
it would be great if we could move this to a common configuration
file..I know it has already been implemented, but a script to change all
the test suite scripts should be possible (instead of manually moving

+TEST_USER = 'test_user_report%s' % str(random.random()).replace('.',
+TEST_PASS = 'test_pass'
+TEST_EMAIL = TEST_USER+'@osafoundation.org'

again it would be great to have just a simple way of creating a user
instead of declaring these many variables. (just one variable shud auto
populate the other variables)

>  From my point of view the new toolset has the advantage of being  
> easier for me to write tests with and easier to debug by anyone. The  
> downside is that the tests aren't that readable to someone who isn't  
> fairly familiar with python -- but I'll be writing a wiki page with  

overall the new suite seems to be really nice :). to understand, we
just need an object oriented inclination! yes a wiki page will be

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