[Cosmo-dev] New functional tests and test cleanup

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Tue Jan 23 16:04:11 PST 2007

Nobody liked the old tests, they were cumbersome to write and  
difficult to debug.

I wrote a new simple dav client, and added cosmo stuff for a simple  
cosmoclient and that's what we wrote the migration testing stuff with.

Last week and this week I ported all the tests that were still  
relevant from the old tools over to this one (all the mkcalendar and  
reports tests). I also wrote some cmp tests that we've been seriously  

 From my point of view the new toolset has the advantage of being  
easier for me to write tests with and easier to debug by anyone. The  
downside is that the tests aren't that readable to someone who isn't  
fairly familiar with python -- but I'll be writing a wiki page with  
notes on how use the tools and debug tests.

The new test tools use py.test for running the tests debugging,  
filtering, etc.

We still have the HTTPTest dir in the cosmo source tree, even though  
that tool, and all of those tests, are primarily maintained in the  
tools repo, so I've removed it.

Since this the new tools and the migration script both use  
cosmoclient, I put the migration script in with the new tests for  
easier maintenance (since the filename does not start with "test"  
py.test won't try to execute it along with the other tests.

I called the new test directory "protocol" since the focus of the  
tools is on protocol testing in cosmo. /cosmo/src/test/functional/ 

Since we're feature complete I didn't want to commit anything into  
the cosmo source tree until all this had been brought to the list.

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After I commit the patch I'll start working on writing tests for the  
new sharing protocol and the new CMP stuff.


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