Fwd: [Cosmo-dev] Interesting idea to avoid EIM conflicts

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Thu Feb 15 10:05:21 PST 2007

So after a lengthy discussion over in the chandler-design list, we've  
decided this is indeed the way we would like to go with  
lastModifiedBy (plus it also gives us a lastModified (time) field).   
bcm: I won't be implementing this on the Chandler side until I return  
on the 26th, so feel free not to touch this until then, I suppose,  
otherwise Cosmo will be incompatible with Chandler.

Again, the idea is that whenever we want EIM fields that will *never*  
result in conflict, we define a new record type for where all fields  
in the record are keys.  Thus a record never actually *changes*, only  
created and deleted.  We're including lastModified (time) as a field  
in this record as well so that we can ignore out-of-date records.   
Encoding this behavior into the schema in this manner means that when  
some plug-in developer defines their own item types and sharing  
schema, and they need the same behavior for one of their fields, we  
don't have to modify our EIM-handling code at all -- it will just work.

FYI, the way Chandler handles this is we keep the EIM records around  
for the last-agreed upon shared state of an item (plus the EIM  
records representing pending conflicts).  When it's time to send a  
locally-changed item to the server, we generate the EIM records for  
the current state of the item and compare those against the  
previously synced state.  If the item has generated a new  
lastModifiedBy record, the diffing machinery will automatically see  
that it needs to send a "deletion" record for the old lastModifiedBy  
record.  For the inbound direction, if we receive a lastModifiedBy  
record from the server, we will only apply it to the item if its  
lastModified (time) field is more recent than what the item already has.


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> From: Morgen Sagen <morgen at osafoundation.org>
> Date: February 13, 2007 6:07:12 PM PST
> To: Cosmo <cosmo-dev at osafoundation.org>
> Subject: Re: [Cosmo-dev] Interesting idea to avoid EIM conflicts
> On Feb 13, 2007, at 5:01 PM, Brian Moseley wrote:
>> morgen, tell me specifically what changes you want made.
> The schema change would be to add this record type:
> # -*- rnc -*-
> # RELAX NG Compact Syntax Grammar for the
> # EIMML modified-by record type Version 1
> namespace mod = "http://osafoundation.org/eim/modifiedBy/0"
> include "eimml-core.rnc"
> eimModifiedByRecord =
>    element mod:record {
>       (modUuid
>        & modUserid
>        & modTime
>       )
>    }
> modUuid =
>    element mod:uuid {
>       eimTextFieldContent
>    }
> modUserid =
>    element mod:userid {
>       eimTextFieldContent
>    }
> modTime =
>    element mod:timestamp {
>       eimDecimalFieldContent
>    }
> ...or in python...
> class ModifiedByRecord(eim.Record):
>     URI = "http://osafoundation.org/eim/modifiedBy/0"
>     uuid = eim.key(schema.UUID)
>     userid = eim.key(text256)
>     timestamp = eim.key(eim.DecimalType(digits=12, decimal_places=2))
> ...and also to remove lastModifiedBy from the ItemRecord
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