[Cosmo-dev] Gzipping dojo.js

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Fri Feb 9 11:11:51 PST 2007

Matthew Eernisse wrote:
> Bottom line is that we need to be able to ensure that IE6 always gets 
> the unzipped file -- regardless of what type of content it purports to 
> accept.

A reasonable caveat thanks.  It seems entirely feasible to implement 
needed behaviors based on user-agent; at least it would with Apache.

Feel free to test against http://lab.osaf.us/cosmo/, where mod_deflate 
is enabled with no special treatment of browsers (so it should break on 
IE6).  We can confirm both broken behaviors and server-side exclusions 
of specific browsers when I get to it.

Just saw Adam's suggestion, which seems workable as well.  I had 
originally envisioned having browsers just request dojo.js and have the 
server negotiate resources, instead of browsers requesting different 

-- Jared

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