[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo release meeting notes for 2007-08-09

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Mon Aug 13 12:03:49 PDT 2007

Here are the meeting notes for the Cosmo release meeting held on 2007-08-09.

- We're switching to a combined cosmo+service bug council.  This will
   provide better cross-project tracking and resource management.

- We're doing a three-part migration test Friday: "same server" swap,
   manual 0.7 migration test cases, some automated code.

- We'll probably need to checkpoint a specific desktop+server version
   combination upcoming.  No specific actions yet.

- ted: cosmo 0.7 code complete (zero bug release).  7 bugs, not
   complete today.  bug 10408 needs multiple developers, and randy
   won't get to his part until tomorrow.

- aparna: nothing blocking testing.  let's talk about migration.

- jared: migration test session tomorrow.  doing "same server" swap,
   the manual 0.7 migration plan from aparna, and a small bit of
   automated code

- jared: what are the expectations for migration testing driver.

- answer: make sure it's checked off.

- jared: let's run down the specific checklists on:

   A few issues were found, some things that should be in other
   checklists.  Completion of the readme was confirmed and release
   notes flagged.  The "no snapshot dependencies" is a post code-freeze
   task to push frozen Java packages (instead of -SNAPSHOT) releases.

- bear: of the various test types, tbox does unit tests, protocol
   tests, and windmill tests.

- jared: so checklist items needing attention are manual tests and
   migration tests.

- aparna: ...and roundtrip workflow tests.

- jared: can we review the proposed list at the bottom of:

- aparna: looks good.  will talk with Adam to see what coverage we 
already have.

- jared: there were some untracked-bugs, direct-to-0.7 tickets that 
happened.  ted had some concerns.

- twl: for tracking hub tickets.  in order for ted to track resources,1
   things should come into bug council.

- let's switch to a combined bug council.

- jared: things changing soon, with code complete, zero bug release.
   what changes are afoot.

- aparna: for qa, off of their own, verifying bugs as needed.

- what integration with desktop is needed?  some discussion, but
   nothing specific determined.  no changes to meetings.

- jared: release notes draft should be available by tomorrow morning

- there's a kkie session next week.  no special prep needed.

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