[Cosmo-dev] morse code and dav sharing mix

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 30 12:12:42 PDT 2007

> I guess my concern is that when 0.6.1 goes live, the current  
> version of Chandler will be able to subscribe and publish using  
> morse code or dav.  If a user unknowingly uses dav to subscribe to  
> a morse code collection when they can use mc, then they will be  
> confused when their non-event data isn't propagated  to mc  
> subscribers and vice-versa.

If the are subscribing to a mc shared calendar with Chandler, then  
they got the subscription info from someone else with Chandler, which  
means that they will have tickets with the mc info, not the dav info.

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