[Cosmo-dev] Workflow for loss of activation email

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Mon Apr 23 17:12:14 PDT 2007

I've filed a couple of activation related bugs today.

#8888: Don't send activation email when admin creates account
#8889: Admin action to resend an activation email

Also filed is:

#8890: User action for resend activation email

This final one is worth a little workflow pondering, so I'm sending it 
here.  The body:

"Right now, if the user loses their activation email, they are at a 
dead-end.  After some UI/workflow pondering, it'd be helpful for the 
user to have a way to recover from this situation.  Perhaps some way of 
resending the activation email."

So, the naive proposal for #8890 is to provide end-users some way to 
resend activation emails.

There are a couple of other activation-related workflow holes.  If an 
activation is lost right now, that username is lost to everyone forever, 
except via admin involvement.

For the service, I'm sorta planning on a cron-job to delete user records 
which aren't activated but haven't been changed in say 3 days.  This 
will free up those usernames for future registrations.  Cosmo-managed 
cleanup would be nice, but will require a bit more work, either 
within-Java cron-jobs threads (bcm mentioned this approach once), or 
maybe activation cleanup scan upon each registration.

-- Jared

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