[Cosmo-dev] Cosmo 0.6.1 status update

Ted Leung twl at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 19 16:12:31 PDT 2007

Hi folks,

I just wanted to summarize what I know about Cosmo 0.6.1  
situation...  After the Wednesday IRC QA session, we found a lot of  
bugs, both in Cosmo and in Chandler.    We have not been able to  
complete a complete cycle of "publish a calendar and then subscribe  
to that calendar", which is one of the more basic scenarios.   I  
think that we should be expecting the Cosmo 0.6.1/Chandler  
integration testing period to go beyond the time that we've  
planned.   Exactly how much longer is still up in the air.

There are a few things that we are going to do in order to try and  
speed things up.

1. There is a long cycle between the time that Randy fixes a bug and  
that fix appearing on qacosmo.   In order to cut that cycle time, QA  
will start using the server hosted on Randy's workstation, which  
should always be up to date.   This will start happening in earnest  
on Monday, since Randy will be on an airplane tomorrow.

2. We don't want Randy to be idling until the next set of bugs come  
it (this happens because we are finding bugs in the same ICS file,  
and since the new sharing operations are atomic, failure means that  
nothing gets published, which means that no further testing can be  
done.   Aparna has volunteered to get a bunch of different calendars  
and try to publish them, in order to increase the rate of bug discovery.

If people have other ideas for improving the process, it would be  
great to hear them.

I am going to try to give a daily status update on how things are  
going for Cosmo 0.6.1 testing, at least until we get the interop  
situation on firmer ground.

Please do follow up with questions, concerns, suggestions, and (dare  
I say it) patches.


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